US terms Khan-Trump talks successful

Washington: The United States Friday Thursday termed talks between Prime Minister Imran Khan and US

President Donald Trump as successful.

US State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus while briefing the journalists in Washington said the first meeting between PM Khan and President Trump which gave the chance to build a personal connection and

rapport. “Now we think it’s time to make progress on the success of this first meeting,” she added.

The State Department spokesperson further said that PM Imran during the meeting with President Trump

vowed to urge the Taliban to negotiate with Afghan government and we thinks that this is an important step as we are also committed to peace in Afghanistan.

Morgan Ortagus said that a number of issues were discussed during meeting of PM Khan with President

Trump and Secretary of State and added that now it is time to build upon success of these meetings and


Morgan Ortagus said that it is “our commitment to reach a negotiated end to the war in Afghanistan and added that I don’t think that there is any doubt of the American commitment.”

She said that thousands of American lives and lives of our NATO allies and our European allies that have been

lost fighting in Afghanistan for the people of Afghanistan to have a right to choose their own future.