Bilawal unveils marriage plan !

Karachi: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is considering marriage but there are no serious plans. Bilawal Bhutto jokingly said he was thinking of marrying in each of the four provinces. During a media talk in Karachi, Bilawal was thrown a googly from a journalist who asked when will he get married? “The people of Pakistan wish to see you in two avatars, one as prime minister and secondly as a married man,” said the reporter. Stressing on his point the reporter asked whether he will be getting married before becoming the prime minister or afterwards. Bilawal Bhutto in a lighter mood replied: “Detailed and comprehensive, strategic meetings are underway, we are planning the exact time to get married before or after elections or during or after the election campaign.” Bilawal added: “A report is under process regarding whether I should marry once or get a bride from each of the four provinces to guess the electoral impact of such a decision.” He remarked that he will divulge the details as soon as the complete report is presented to him. The PPP chairman has been getting many marriage proposals. Who can forget a Multan woman who made way to the Gillani House professing her undying love for him and her wish to get married to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. Earlier, Bilawal said that a lot of girls are approaching for marriage but his sisters’ approval is a must in order for him to get married. Talking to journalists in Ubauro Town of Ghotki district in November last year he said: “There are too many (marriage) offers, but the woman will have to convince my sisters first. It is a very difficult task, fate will get us hitched if any woman succeeds in this task,” he added.