SC snubs two private schools on fee issue

Islamabad: The Supreme Court Monday came down hard on two private schools in Islamabad that both failed to reduce their fees by 20% and sent letters to parents calling the court’s order ‘evil’.

The three-member bench, comprising Justice Gulzar Ahmed, Justice Faisal Arab and Justice Ijazul Ahsan, took notice of the letters and summoned the owners of both schools.

Justice Ahmed told the owners they should be ashamed of themselves for treating schools like businesses. “If we conduct an audit everything will become apparent,” he warned.

In your letter to the parents, you called the court order cruel, observed the judges. Justice Ahsan said the schools had committed contempt of court by doing so.

Private schools think there is no one for them to account to, observed the judges, asking the owners why the government shouldn’t seize their schools.

After a reply is submitted “we shall see whether these schools should continue operating or not,” the court said.