Pakistan, Japan friendly nations: New ambassador


Islamabad: Matsuda, Ambassador Designate of Japan to Pakistan, has said that Pakistan and Japan have enjoyed friendly relations and his job is to further strengthen the strong bilateral as well as people-to-people relations.

 Following is the new ambassador’s profile:

1959 April:                     Born in Fukui, Japan


1982 March:                  Graduated from the College of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo

1984 June:          Graduated from Defense Language Institute, USA


1982 April                              Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1996 July:                      First Secretary, Embassy of Japan in USA

1998 July:            Counsellor, Embassy of Japan in Russia

2001 August:                 Director, Overseas Public Relations Division

2003 April:                     Senior Fellow/Director of Research Coordination

The Japan Institute of International Affairs

2004 February:              Director, Russian Division

2007 March:                  Minister, Embassy of Japan in Israel

2010 July:                      Consul General, Consulate-General of Japan in Detroit

2013 July:                      Deputy Director General,

National Institute of Public Administration,

National Personnel Authority of Japan

2015 September:           Consul General (Ambassador),

Consulate-General of Japan in Hong-Kong

2018 December:     Ambassador-Designate

                   Embassy of Japan in Pakistan