Rehman Malik raises 21 questions on Pulawama attack

Islamabad: Former Interior Minister and Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Rehman Malik has raised 21 most important investigative questions on Pulwama Attack which resulted in the death of 44 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel on February 14, 2019. He has put forward 21 questions for the Government and people of India, the legal fraternity and world as well. He said that the Pulwama Attack in India Occupied Kashmir (IOK)  is not an ordinary incident but must be thoroughly investigated. He said the attack is highly condemnable. India always issued highly biased and irresponsible statements after such incidents, leveling false allegations against Pakistan, he stated while releasing 21 questions on the Panama papers. He said he hopes the India government will answer to his 21 questions. He has released the following 21 questions. 1.    The Pulwama attack cost 44 CRPF jawans – low ranking official most belonged to Sikh community.  Who had made the decision to board these jawans in the unfortunate vehicle?  It is understood that the said vehicle was pre marked by the conspirators and operators. 2.    The Indian government released its statement and video footages without any investigation and proof, just after the incidence, blaming Pakistan for the attack.  How could this be possible to arrive at a conclusion so quick without launching any formal investigation? 3.    JeM has denied its involvement in the incident but the whole Indian leadership and media had been harping at old rhetoric.  What evidence India has got to implicate JeM in the attack. 4.    The real time Google Map pictures for 24 hours prior to the blast and at the time of blast could be strong evidence to identify the real culprits and authenticity of the Indian claim.  Would India dare to release these pictures if it is certain in its claim? 5.    Would India be prepared to share the ethnic background of every victim of the blast? 6.    Who was the commander of this convey and where was he at the time of the attack?  What is his statement about the blast? 7.    According to press reports, an individual has claimed the responsibility of the attack.  Did the Indian authorities ever arrest him for his suspected terrorist activities? 8.    Was his presence in the vehicle confirmed by any independent witness? 9.    There were some reports that the vehicle was blown by a planted IED.  How come the IED laden vehicle would find its way along the route of the convoy when the routes of the army convoy are always heavily guarded by the Army? 10.    What steps Indian government has taken to investigate the security lapses, which paved the ways for the perpetrator(s) to carry out this unfortunate attack? 11.    Reportedly, the vehicle, which rammed into the convoy, was carrying 342 Kg of explosives.  The improvisation of a vehicle into a vehicle carrying that amount of explosives takes quite good number of days.  How could the Indian army, which is present in IOK at the ratio of 1 to 7 Kashmiris, not become aware of this improvisation? 12.    How could explosive in such huge quantity reach Pulwama in the presence of heavy presence of Indian Army in the area? 13.    What efforts and steps Indian authorities have taken to identify the make/model of the vehicle along with its owner? 14.    The incident took place some 150 km inside the Valley.  How could a foreign terrorist carry out terrorist attack of such magnitude without the support of a local facilitator?  Who was that facilitator? 15.    Who had planned the move of 2500 troops without any security arrangements or with passive facilitation to the terrorists? 16.    Is it not true that the move of the Government of Pakistan to open Kartarpura corridor for the Sikh community had disturbed the Indian government but appreciated by the whole Sikh community both at abroad and in India?  17.    Is it not fact that this attack was planned and carried out by the state actors from India to frustrate the said move by Pakistan?  Pakistan does not benefit from such attacks rather it would have attracted diplomatic criticism which was not in the interest of Pakistan as a responsible State. 18.    It is strange that the whole criticism blaming Pakistan for the attack was coming from non-Kashmiri political leadership and not from Kashmiri leaders.  Even former CM of IOK Mr. Farooq Abdullah warned against blaming Pakistan for the attack.  Is it not a coincide that the blast took place when the general elections in India are just months away and it would benefit PM Modi to win the elections through exploitation of anti-Pakistan feelings? 19.    Is it not a fact that Pakistan’s efforts to being both Taliban and USA on table for peace talks have disturbed India?  Once the peace is returned and restored in Afghanistan it would ultimately deny India to carry out terrorist attacks inside Pakistan. 20.    India has very reluctantly allowed Pakistani delegation to visit Pakistan to discuss Indus Water Treaty after four years.  Is it not a move to frustrate the visit of the Pakistani delegation to talk about Water issues? 21.    The important question is as to who was going to benefit out of this incident?  Obviously, such attacks or activities inside India or IOK are not in the interest of Pakistan in any manner; hence cannot afford it.