I have not been heard in fake accounts case: Bilawal

Islamabad: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto has said that he was never heard about the fake accounts case.  In Interview in Germany, Bilawal said: “I have not been heard at all during the case. My right to fairly trial is affected. The courts have taken suo moto under article 184/3 notice under the premise of slackness of investigation. But how is there a slackness when FIR was registered and case challaned. Therefore a larger bench has to be made to address this constitutional issue.”  The chief justice, he said, had made an observation asking a JIT member why my name was included but there was no answer. The Chief Justice gave an order then which the whole country heard but written judgment is different.  “The case should be in Karachi and not in Rawalpindi NAB court. There is no legal basis for shifting the case to Rawalpindi,” he added. On the Pulwama issue, he said,  the entire country is on one page. “Unfortunately the government thinks for PTI and not for Pakistan. Hence they didn’t take the opposition on board. After an event like Pulwama, govt should have called everyone together. However, it is commendable that no one in the opposition has chosen not to play politics on this issue. I condemn the attack which led to a loss of many lives. However, if the plebiscite in Kashmir had been allowed, and the Kashmiri people given their rights, such attacks would not happen.”  He welcomed the visit of Saudi crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. “We should have cordial relation with neighbouring states. However, since opposition was yet again not involved, I am unaware of the exact nature of his visit. However, to date, Khan’s every visit has been to a country from where he was hopeful of aid. Our relations should not merely be transactional, but multidimensional.”