Argentine embassy organise musical workshop for students

Islamabad: Once again the Argentine Embassy, assisted by the sponsorship of the Islamabad Serena Hotel, brought together students from various social backgrounds, this time to take part on a musical workshop to be conducted by the French-Argentine musician and teacher, Magdalena Ivanissevich.

Students of the twin cities graced the event, including the Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Children (SPARC), Master Ayub’s Park School, Islamabad Model School for Girls G-6 and G-9, National College of Arts Rawalpindi and Rung School of Music and Arts.

The show aimed at bringing together youngsters and teachers to learn about South American and Argentine music, as well as basic musical practices.  The idea was to open new musical horizons for students who would otherwise not have an opportunity to have access to them.

The said event is part of the series of concerts and workshops organised by the Argentine Embassy in Islamabad  involving Argentine-French duo of Magdalena Ivanissevich and Carlos Molinaro, who travelled from France to perform and deliver workshops on music from many South American countries. Both artists have an extensive teaching experience in Paris, and they have also performed in France and other European, Latin American and Asian countries in the past.

During the workshop at the Embassy, Magdalena taught and engaged in musical games that included percussion and singing.  She also sang South American songs and explained their roots in many different sources, including Native American peoples as well as European and African.

In his speech Ambassador Ivan Ivanissevich highlighted the importance of organizing such events in order to widen the scope of education beyond academics.  Music has a very important formative role to play since it helps in developing our imagination and promotes more dynamic thought processes as well as team work.  Finally, he expressed his hope that whatever was practiced and learned at the workshop may be reproduced by the respective schools attending the event. 

At the end of the show, the artist and the Ambassador mingled with the students and the teachers. Food boxes were distributed with the kind cooperation of the Serena Islamabad Hotel.

The duo will perform in Lahore at the Olomopolo Media Centre on 2nd March at 6:00 pm and the Rafi Peer Cultural Centre on 3rd March at 5:00 pm.  On 6th March they will perform in Islamabad at the FACE Cultural Centre at 7:30 pm.