Women working out together lose weight early

Islamabad, March 1 (Newswire): You are far more likely to success if
you diet and exercise with a friend.

The average female will shed more than 10 pounds when she has
girlfriends who are willing to eat healthily and train with her. But a
fifth of those who choose to go it alone don’t drop a single pound.

The study of 3,000 women also revealed 61 per cent find it almost
impossible to summon up the energy to exercise alone. However the same
proportion enjoy going for a jog or taking a swim with a friend – and
admit they push themselves harder if they have company.

Exercising together has the added benefit of bringing you closer to a
friend – more than half of those surveyed thought working out with a
mate had improved their relationship.

Sian Lewis, director of female car insurance company Diamond which
commissioned the survey, said: ‘It can be really hard to find the
time, energy and enthusiasm for exercising when there’s no-one to do
it with.

‘At the end of a long busy day at work, it would be so easy to slip
into the arm chair for a few hours to relax, rather than go out for a
jog or swim.

‘But having a friend who is interested in keeping fit and toned can
really help keep motivation – suddenly exercise isn’t just about
getting sweaty, and losing weight, it’s about catching up on the
latest gossip, and having a bit of quality time together.’