Women should eat more fish

Islamabad, March 2 (Newswire): Moms-to-be, please note — try to eat at least three portions of fish a week, for experts claim that it will reduce the risk of your children developing brain disorder. 

A new research has found that omega3 fatty acids found in fish, known as docosahexaenoic acid, are essential for the brain to function properly. According to the experts, the benefits of fish oil far outweighed other risks or concerns about the presence of potentially harmful contaminants in fish such as dioxins and methylmercury, which could harm a baby in the womb. 

“There has been research which indicates that women who have eaten more fish than those recommendations suffer no harm but their child’s brain performance improved,” Professor Jack Winkler, the Director of Nutrition Policy Unit at London Metropolitan University, was quoted by ‘The Daily Telegraph’. 

Added Prof. Michael Crawford, Director of the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition at London Metropolitan University: “Unlike the rest of the body, the brain is mainly made of fat. It needs these fatty acids for brain growth and development. 

“We are deeply concerned that this has been more or less neglected in the current advice and unless there is a change in nutrition advice to take the brain into account, then mental disorders are going to continue to grow at an alarming rate.” 

Their research also suggested that docosahexaenoic acid deficiency may also play a role in the development of behavioural disorders such as ADHD in children. The findings have been presented at a conference held at the Royal Society of Medicine in London recently.