Pakistani leadership supporting dialogue process in Afghanistan: Envoy

Washington:  Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Asad M Khan has said that the Pakistani leadership has been supporting dialogue process in Afghanistan since the beginning. In a tweet, he said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has been advocating peace through dialogue in Afghanistan long before it became fashionable. The Ambassador said Pakistan supports President Trump’s bold vision for peace in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, addressing a gathering at a think-tank in Washington DC,  he expressed hope that the “worst has passed”. “Islamabad does not want to further escalate the tensions with New Delhi but desires dialogue to resolve the problems”, the Ambassador said. He said India, too, should now act conscientiously and sensibly, the diplomat underscored, adding that he hoped that despite its internal issues, the country would take steps to de-escalate. Pakistan “downed two of India’s warplanes because it violated our airspace”, he said, urging the global fraternity to take notice of the Indian aggression. The global fraternity has to understand that instability in the South Asian region is due to the failure to resolve the Kashmir issue, Dr Asad Majeed Khan said.