Lijian Zhao, Rehman Malik concerned about Pakistan-India tension

Islamabad: Lijian Zhao, Deputy Chief of Mission of China in Pakistan calls on Senator A. Rehman Malik, Former Interior Minister and Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior, here and discussed in detail the present prevailing situation in the region with reference to escalated tension between Pakistan and India.

Both expressed their concerns over the present ongoing tensions between Pakistan and India and called for early diffusion of the tensions through dialogue. Lijian Zhao said that war is not the solution of the problems and the best option is to have dialogue and to resolve the issues on the table.

He said that both countries (India and Pakistan) are developing countries and both need to work together to eliminate poverty, unemployment and other social injustices. The Chinese deputy Chief of Mission affirmed that China will continue to play a constructive role in de-escalating the tension between India and Pakistan.

Senator Rehman Malik said that he and every Pakistani are proud of Sino-Pak friendship as China has always extended timely support to Pakistan in every difficult time. He thanked China for its strongest support to Pakistan. He said that Pakistan will ensure that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) continues to progress with full speed as CPEC is a great bond between China and Pakistan. This route will benefit both Pakistan and China and the whole region, he added.

Rehman Malik while appreciating the Sino-Pak friendship said that he fully endorses the views of Lijian Zhao who stated dialogue is the only solution to all problems.

He said that the Indian leadership must end war hysteria and should respect the sovereign borders of Pakistan for which Pakistan is fully capable of protecting. He added that the world must listen to the voices against the war rising from India and Pakistan on daily basis. 

After the meeting, Senator Malik hold a press conference at his residence and briefed the media about the meeting and said that Indian people from different walks of life are opposing PM Narendra Modi for his War hysteria.

He said that sane voices for peace are being raised in India against Narendra Modi’s warmongering who are bend on pushing the region into war for mere benefits in elections. He said that he appreciates the statement of senior Indian Congress leader and former Home Minister P. Chidambaram advising Indian government and PM Modi to say an end to war madness and hold talks with Pakistan to avoid any further tension between the two countries.

He said that not only P. Chidambaram but a large number of Indian politicians and members of civil society have opposed Modi for his warmongering and they all are saying “No to war”.

He said that he was pleased that many political leaders of India and Kashmiri leaders have given statements that they do not want war but peace. Those who have raised their voice against war are the true lover of peace and humanity, he added.

Senator Malik said that few months back, he had predicted that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was using five tactics in his election campaign to win the coming polls. These were to escalate Pak-India tension at the border, to create a war-like situation, to instigate Hindu-Muslim clashes, to create impression of surgical strikes and to carry out a few Pulwama-like attacks to reverse his sagging popularity among the Indian voters. He said that Pulwama incident was a planned attack based on these five points’ agenda. He said that he names it as “Modi’s War Syndrome”. Modi is brought up and trained as a terrorist by RSS and India is the only country in the world having a terrorist Prime Minister. He said that Modi is using RSS for cleansing of Muslims in Kashmir as he is settling criminals of RSS there.

Senator Malik said that India is blaming that F-16s were used in this mission against India and the wreckage shown to media with a fake number was actually a scrap of F-16 purchased to Taiwan. “Actually Modi speaks the scrap, show the scrap and thinks the scrap” he added.

He warned that if India dares to continue the aggression then he is sure that next time India will sack Indian Army Chief as it has already replaced its Air Chief after their failed operation against Pakistan. He added that whole nation including parliamentarians, judges, intellectuals, media and all members of the civil society stand behind the armed forces of Pakistan and Pakistan will powerfully response to any aggression by India.