PPP protests against Aijaz Shah’s appointment as minister

Islamabad: Secretary Information Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians Dr. Nafisa Shah has strongly criticized the appointment of Aijaz Shah as federal minister and said that the accused in the murder of  Benazir Bhutto has been made a federal minister which amounts to protecting a killer.

Dr. Nafisa Shah, in a statement, said that during General Musharraf’s rule Aijaz Shah was massively involved in political engineering. Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto had said in an email that if she is assassinated then Aijaz Shah must be probed about her murder. 

Secretary Information PPP said that the puppet government of Imran Khan is a continuation of General Musharraf’s rule.

Meanwhile deputy secretary information PPP Palwasha Khan said that the appointment of Aijaz Shah as federal minister is negation of National Action Plan as making a facilitator of terrorist a federal minister is shelving NAP. 

She said that selecting Aijaz Shah as member national assembly through fraudulent elections is disrespecting the parliament.

PPP leader Saeed Ghani also said that the appointment of Aijaz Shah as minister shows that the purpose for which Imran Khan was brought to power is being fulfilled. 

An accused of murder of a global leader Benazir Bhutto was elected first through fraudulent elections and now he has been made a minister, Saeed Ghani concluded.