Govt has dropped petrol bomb on people: Sherry Rehman

Islamabad: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Sherry Rehman has said that the government had dropped petrol bomb on the public.

Following the government’s decision to jack petrol prices up in an economy already burdened with inflation, PPP Parliamentary Leader, Senator Sherry Rehman said: “Every other day this government announces decisions that increase the suffering of the people of this country. This time they have dropped a petrol bomb which has hiked the price of petrol by 6 rupees. This is going to cause a new wave of inflation in the country.”

Criticizing the government’s poorly planned policies, Rehman said “The economy is in dire straits and the government is directionless. Prices of petrol, diesel and electricity have skyrocketed while a meteoric rise in gas bills has crippled thousands of households. Gas is becoming an unaffordable luxury in this country. The bills are going through the roof and a further 41 per cent hike expected by July. The agriculture sector is struggling due to higher costs of input”.

She said that the Federal Board of Revenue had missed its target by Rs. 317 billion despite massive taxation. Instead of bringing progressive tax reforms the government was conveniently hiking prices to maximize revenue. The government was absolutely desensitized to the common man’s issues, she lamented.

“The fact that the rupee is in a constant decline does not help either. The dollar is nearly Rs. 141 at the moment. They have brought IMF to our doorstep before even signing anything. What makes matters worse is that they do not consider consulting the parliament before announcing their outrageous decisions or policies. The opposition has been urging the government to bring issues to the parliament but for fear of opposition, they refrain,” the PPP leader objected.

Questioning PTI’s strategy she asked, “Why is the government that was pitching itself as the political messiah scratching its head now? Eight months have already lapsed and with passing time, they are running out of excuses,” concluded Rehman.