Move to a quaint Italian village has never been so attractive

Rome: As the winter months kick in and Australia’s housing affordability continues to look bleak, a move to a quaint Italian village has never been so attractive.

But how much would a classic home in the Mediterranean oasis set you back? The country’s small villages are struggling to hold on to residents with many deserting the regions for urban areas. So much so that towns have taken the drastic step of selling abandoned homes for less than half the price of a barista made coffee.

The local government in Mussomeli in southern Sicily, just a few hours drive from the picturesque Amalfi coast, is selling 100 abandoned properties online and is expected to have another 400 added soon.

Besides all of the traditional culinary delights the region possesses, the town is also home to a medieval castle and ancient churches.

Though the first journey you take once you’ve taken up residence would likely be along the cobblestone paths to the local handyman to help get the rundown home into shape.

The town has engineers and architects available to help with the renovations but the new residents are also able to assemble their own crews.

The government posted signs on the doors of the homes up for grabs in the town of 11,000 residents.