Italy: Blockchain to be used in baby food for safety

Rome: Italy has always been at the forefront of innovation and security. An Italian startup plans to apply blockchain to baby nutrition safety.

The company promises to ensure the safety of 90% of the ingredients used in nutrition products for children within a year.

Mipaaft and Plasmon will work together with research organization Crea to develop useful technologies to guarantee the development of research and cooperation activities in the field of precision, traceability and food safety in the frame of technology.

There will also be used a special protocol that provides for the strengthening of the Italian food chains through the use of a “’stamp / mark of recognition” to protect quality and the safety of food products for children, the promotion of the correct diet and adoption of the Mediterranean diet in the first 1000 days of children’s life and the dissemination of good supply chain practices that can enhance the distinctiveness of Made in Italy products on the national market and abroad.

Italy has been exploring this technology in food industry for quite some time now. Carrefour is one of the examples of blockchain adoption in Italy. The traceability programme, developed by the company on the basis of Ethereum’s (ETH) EY Ops Chain solid-food traceability, are mainly powered by supply chains. They provide efficiency of quality control, identification of responsibilities, improvement of interactions in pricing dynamics and commodity positioning.

The technology has been used in Auchan supply chain of carrots. All customers can trace the origin of all carrots available at the store.

In addition, fintech innovations couldn’t help but intervene in the most famous industry in Italy – the wine industry. MISE has even indicated its interest in distributed ledger and blockchain by investing 40 mln euros.

Blockchain has a significant potential for the entire food sector in Italy and may give birth to a wide range of innovations in the future.