Moscow expects new Moldova government to develop relations with Russia

Moscow: Russia is satisfied with the peaceful solution of a political crisis in Moldova, expecting the new government of the republic to make steps to develop the cooperation between both countries, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“We are satisfied with the peaceful solution of the political crisis in Moldova,” the Russian ministry noted. “Among the important challenges facing the new government is the solution of arising issues in the sphere of democratizing domestic policy processes and the country’s social and economic development.”

“We expect the new government in Chisinau to make constructive steps to promote Russian-Moldovan cooperation in various areas,” the ministry added. “Moscow is ready for this.”

Moldova’s parliament was unable to create a ruling coalition and form a government following the February elections. Only on June 8, the Party of Socialists supporting President Igor Dodon managed to reach an agreement with the pro-EU ACUM bloc to oppose the Democratic Party led by oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, which controlled the former parliament and cabinet. The leader of the Party of Socialists Zinaida Greceanii was elected the parliament’s speaker, and the government was formed with Maia Sandu, the leader of the Party of Action and Solidarity, a part of the ACUM bloc, as the prime minister.

The Democratic Party refused to recognize the new government and turned to the Constitutional Court, which ruled that the parliament’s resolutions were invalid, as the parliament had failed to form a government within 90 days (starting on March 9, when the lawmakers received their mandates).

After that, the Constitutional Court authorized acting Prime Minister and member of the Democratic Party Pavel Filip to sign a decree on the parliament’s dissolution instead of the president. Dodon described the move as an attempt to usurp power.

Russia, the United States and the European Union expressed support for Moldova’s parliament.

On Friday, the Democratic Party announced the resignation of Pavel Filip’s cabinet. According to a party source, the decision was made after US Ambassador to Chisinau Derek Hogan’s visit to the party office.