British Queen’s cousin moving out of Kensington palace

London: The royal inhabitants of Kensington Palace are continuing to make moves. Shortly following the departure of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who officially relocated to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor earlier this spring, Prince Richard, the Duke of Gloucester, is leaving his home in the London complex as well.

According to Hello, Richard, who is Queen Elizabeth’s first cousin, will be moving his family from Apartment 1, which is reportedly quite large and has 21 rooms, to the Old Stables, a smaller residence which is also located within the Kensington Palace grounds.

Given that Richard’s three children with his wife Brigette-Alexander Windsor, Earl of Ulster, Lady Davina Windsor, and Lady Rose Gilman-have all moved out, downsizing makes sense.

According to the report, “The scheme allows for the complete refurbishment of the property including the old and failing mechanical and electrical systems. The project commenced in January 2019 and is due for completion in summer 2019.”

In comparison, the renovation of Frogmore Cottage prior to Harry and Meghan’s move, cost at least £2.4 million or $3.05 million in public funds. And for even more context, the 2014 Sovereign Grant report revealed that £4.5 million in public funds had been spent renovating Kensington Palace apartment 1A for the Cambridge family.

At this point, it is unclear who will move in to Apartment 1.