Italy: Meet the tattooed locals in Naples

Naples: Famed for its beautiful coastal landscapes surrounded by the glamour of the Amalfi Coast, Naples is a sprawling urban settlement steeped in a rich Italian history.

Graffiti and tattoos featured heavily in the photographer’s work along with topless Neapolitans sun-worshippers.

Most of the picture subjects are inhabitants of the Spanish Quarter and Rione Sanità, two of the town’s most vibrant areas.

A photographer said: “It is a documentation of the spirit and vibrancy of the people who live in these areas, who remain steadfast even in the face of adversity.”

The project was inspired by writer Johann Wolfgang Von Goe’s phrase “See Naples and die” which referred to the beauty of the city.

However, the wording has taken on a new meaning because of its high rates of crime.

The photographer continued: “Although Naples regularly tops the European crime index rankings, the situation in the city’s central areas is steadily improving.

“Unfortunately the media consistently plays a role in glamorising and propagating Naples’ negative image.

“I am not discrediting this issue as it is a real and pressing matter, I am merely highlighting through my photography that the people affected are tangible human beings before they’re political units.”