Rehman Malik takes notice of illegal private hostels in Islamabad

Islamabad: Senator A. Rehman Malik, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior has taken a notice of the illegal private hostels operating in Islamabad and has sought a details report on the registration, operation and security of these private hostels from Chief Commissioner Islamabad, Chairman CDA and Chairman Higher Education Commission.

The notice issued on Monday from Senate Secretariat states that Senator A. Rehman Malik, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior has taken serious notice on the complaints of many parents of students that various private girls’ hostels are operating in ICT, Islamabad, falsely claiming to be attached and registered with different private universities of Islamabad. It states that it has come to notice of the Committee that most of these private girls’ hostels are situated within vicinities of the private universities ignoring prerequisite rules and regulations of the Universities.

Chairman Committee has desired that the Chief Commissioner, Chairman CDA, and Chairman HEC should submit following questions and details to the Committee

Senator Rehman Malik has asked the total numbers of private universities functioning in ICT, Islamabad with dates of permission granted to these universities with details of faculties for degrees being awarded. He has asked the details of legal requirements for registration of a private university in Islamabad as per law with all the pre-conditions and also the qualification and eligibility of applicant and requisite experience to run a university awarding approved degrees in medical, engineering and other disciplines.

Senator A. Rehman Malik has asked the total numbers of private universities which are currently functioning in Islamabad without its own attached hostels facilities. He has questioned that what is the legal position if the university can function without its own accommodation and hostel? The total numbers of students enrolled and studying in private universities in Islamabad with domicile other than Islamabad are also asked by the Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior.

The committee has asked for total number of private hostels situated in Islamabad and under what law these private hostels are operating adding is there any SOP for the owners, management and students?

Senator Rehman Malik has asked that what are the by-laws to run a private hostel for young students especially the females. He has questioned what procedure is adopted to ensure the security and wellbeing of students residing in these hostels and is these hostel security cleared by the Ministry of Interior, if so, furnish the details of NOCs issued.

Chairman has further asked as how many complaints reported in relevant police stations for any mishap and misbehaviour in private hostels.

In the notice it is also asked to submit a report about the monitoring system of the said hostels management with details of mini hostess an guest houses accommodating private university students.