Ambassador Stefano Pontecorvo delighted at new Italian cuisine menu launch in Pakistan capital

Islamabad: Ambassador of Italy to Pakistan Stefano Pontecorvo is delighted at the launch of an all-new Italian cuisine menu at an Islamabad five-star hotel.

“Good news for those who live in Islamabad and love Italian cuisine…. Zigolini restaurant at Islamabad Marriott Hotel launches an all-new menu,” he tweeted.

The envoy, who has been a staunch supporter of Pak-Italy friendship, said he was pleasantly surprised on how Pakistanis loved the Italian food.

He said so many Pakistanis live in Italy and were contributing to the country’s progress.

The popular envoy and wife Lidia Pontecorvo, were the chief guests at the food festival organised by the Marriott hotel last day.

Italian Chef Carlos has worked extensively to recreate the menu at the restaurant, introducing a contemporary style of urban Italian cuisine and thus, tapping into a global trend of upscale restaurants offering a refined yet relaxed dining experience.
Zigolini unveiled its new menu during an exclusive launch event.

The guests sampled through the latest culinary additions on the revamped menu such as Caprese Classic Salad, Gnocchi Penne Alla Puttanesca, Chicken Tortellini with Cream Sauce, Risotto Alla Milanese and Chef Carlo’s Italian Special Dish – Beef Filet A la Rossini.

“We wanted to create a space where people can experience a taste of modern Italian cuisine,” said Maurizio Romani, the general manager at Islamabad Marriott Hotel.

“You can come by yourself and sit at the counter with a few small plates or arrive as a group and experience a selection of dishes. It’s a place for people to connect over food.”

Famous for its pasta and pizzas, Zigolini prides itself over serving long-time guests, who will be happy to hear that little has changed Italian taste-wise.

The brick-oven, which cooks a pizza in around 90 seconds, remains intact.

“Of course, every pizza is thrown by hand and rolled in a specific way to puff up very quickly in the oven,” said Chef Carlos, adding that the only change is that diners at the restaurant will enjoy more crisp, flavourful and aromatic pizzas.

A little Dolce (sweet in Italian) neatly rounds off the new menu, putting a modern spin on classic Italian desserts. For instance, there’s Tiramisu with Mascarpone Cream but dessert lovers should also look out for the delicious Panna Cotta with Berry Coulis, Lemon Delight with Lemon Curd, or homemade Gelato Ice-Cream.

As one of the most popular Italian restaurants in the capital, Zigolini has maintained a premium mark since its inception in 2012. And now, with a revamped menu and refurbished décor, it has more to offer to guests than ever before. Zigolini restaurant is open between Monday and Saturday from noon until 11 pm.