PM pledges to make Pakistan welfare state

Nowshera: Prime Minister Imran Khan said Friday making Pakistan a welfare state and elevating the weaker segments of society is biggest challenge for the government.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony of Azakhel Dry Port in Nowshera, he said Ehsaas program started by the incumbent government at a cost of 190 billion rupees is a major step towards helping the downtrodden of the country.

The Prime Minister said under the banner of Ehsaas, scholarships for undergraduate students, shelter homes and other schemes have been started as part of the commitment of government to support the people who are less fortunate.

He said Health Insaaf Cards introduced by the PTI government will ensure public health facility without any financial burden on families.

Imran Khan said under Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme five million houses are being constructed for people of middle and lower income backgrounds.

He said a package has been given to Utility Stores Corporation in order to reduce burden of inflation on working and middle class.

He said this year policies will be made to give jobs to our youth and will help the poor people through Ehsaas program.

The Prime Minister said Azakhel Dry Port will help increase trade that would lead to job creation and benefit the local populace.

Imran Khan said State Owned Enterprises are incurring a loss of five hundred billion rupees annually and creating burden on tax payers’ money.

He said performance of both Railways and PIA would be improved to make them more competitive.

The Prime Minister reaffirmed his government’s commitment for zero tolerance against corruption.