Rehman Malik urges govt to increase police food allowance

Islamabad: Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior, Senator A. Rehman Malik has urged the government to increase the food allowance of officials of Islamabad Police owing to high inflation rate in the country.

While speaking in the Senate House on Friday, he said that rather to spread disappointment and dashing the hope of the people, government needs to take initiatives to create a hope among them.

He stated that our biggest issue is lack of rule of law as the law is being used to rule the people.

He emphasized while speaking in the Parliament House that there should be a fair practice of criminal justice system which needs to be revisit thoroughly.

He said that we should not expect from the police officials to perform extraordinary like police in developed countries unless we do not provide them with better salaries, allowances, uniforms, accommodations and vehicles etc.

He said that it is sad that a police constable is getting only 290 rupees per month as food allowance asking the government as to how can anybody in such a high inflation manage food in 290 rupees for the whole month. He called upon the Ministry of Interior to immediately review all allowances of police officials and increase the present food allowance at par with the price hike. He said that the issues related to police department and officials shall be taken up in the meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Interior.