2020 is the year of change: Bilawal Bhutto

Islamabad: Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that the state should not be run through conspiracies rather it should be run according to the wishes of the people.

Chairman Bilawal said this in an interview to a private TV channel. He said that “we do not accept this selected and will not accept any other selected. We only believe in democracy. We can protect people’s economic rights through democracy.”

The government is hell bent to victimise the political opponents whether it is a case of sedition against Moulana Fazlur Rehman or putting ban on social media. This is the first government after Martial Law to have censorship.

Chairman Bilawal said that the opposition is not confused and the opposition parties have several options. We are not ready to go back from our call of protest in March. 

He hoped that Maryam Nawaz’s silence and going abroad is not because of any deal. He said that he will be present in the country and he is not the one who runs away and will continue to raise voice against government and for the rights of the people. 

He said that he had called 2020 the year of elections because of the economic situation and worst kind of unemployment in the country. “Everyone is suffering due to price hike and unemployment. The government imposed IMF deal by force but the people will not tolerate this country anymore.”