PTI playing with the lives of people: Palwasha Khan

Islamabad: Deputy Information Secretary Pakistan Peoples Party Palwasha Khan said that the Pakistani living abroad are already facing difficulties due to Covid-19 and asking them to donate in Prime Minister’s coronavirus fund is totally inappropriate and injustice to them.

She said that asking for donation from Pakistanis living abroad is shameful. Pakistan should have instructed its embassies to help Pakistanis abroad but instead they have been asked to donate. She accused PM and his ministers of making joke of a serious situation. The information advisor Firdous Ashiq Awan addresses three press conferences a day in three outfits. Her talking about poor is nothing but crocodile tears.
Palwasha Khan said that PTI ministers are inciting population against lockdown and playing with the lives of people. PTI second grade leader haleem Adil Shaikh is using a tweet of Faisal Edhi against Sindh government whereas the said tweet was about Punjab not about Sindh. PTI government is hiding the number of Covid-19 patients like it did so with PTI funding, Palwasha concluded.