Court admits Rehman Malik’s plea for damages in Cynthia Ritchie case

Islamabad l: The District Session Court on Monday admitted defamation suit filed by Senator A. Rehman Malik against Ms. Cynthia Dawn Ritchie for recovery of Rupees Five Billion as damages for publishing defamatory news against him.

The court orders Ms. Cynthia to refrain from publishing any defamatory material against Senator A. Rehman Malik . MS. Cynthia has been summoned to appear in the Court on 13-07-2007 in the instant defamation suit.

It must be mentioned here that Ms. Cynthia Dawn Ritchie has given few interviews with fake news levelling charge to fake concocted, motivated charge of rape and accordingly Senator A. Rehman Malik had filed a damages suit of Rupees Fifty Billion against her. The innocence of Senator A. Rehman Malik has already been proved by the high level instigation team of Police where the Police has stated that there is no truth in the application submitted by Cynthia D. Ritchie against Senator A. Rehman Malik.

Senator A. Rehman Malik has stated that his enemies have tried to use Cynthia Dawn Ritchie with malicious intentions to defame him and Allah has exonerated him in these concocted and ill-motivated charged leaving the big slap against his enemies.

Senator A. Rehman Malik is determined to face Cynthia Dawn Ritchie in the Court and will ensure that the precedent in terms of rule of law is set for future so that nobody dares to make false accusations on the politicians. Senator A. Rehman Malik has stated that “I hope Allah forgives Cynthia on her blatant lie of charge of rape against me”