PPP Women Wing Islamabad staged protest demonstration

Islamabad: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) women wing Islamabad Monday held a protest demonstration against the tragedy on Lahore Motorway in front of the National Press Club Islamabad.

Farhatullah Babar, Dr. Nafisa Shah, Palwasha Khan and Sadaf Murtaza addressed the protestors. Farhatullah Babar and other speakers strongly condemning the tragedy said that it seems that the attention of the people is being diverted from other important issues the country is faced with. That is why the government officials are behaving like jesters. The issue of assets beyond means of an special assistant is being covered by these statements.

They said that during this PTI government, the incidents of crimes against women and children have increased. Transgender are being killed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. They said that on Saturday, it was so ironic that the chief minister Punjab held a press briefing just to tell people that perpetrators of the Motorway tragedy have escaped arrest.

The speakers strongly condemned the statements of CCPO Lahore. After these statements of the CCPO Lahore, women in Lahore feel unsafe. The intolerant narrative is getting place in society during Imran Khan’s government that is why heinous crimes against women are on the increase during this PTI government.

Nazir Dhoki, senator Rubina Khalid, Sibtul Hassan Bukhari, Sajjad Mangi, Shakil Abbasi, Mohammad Ali Shah, Gulzari Begum, Sohail Rumi, Danial Chaudhry and a large number of PPP workers participated in this protest.