Muzaffargarh residents cut off robbers’ hands, noses

Muzaffargarh: Residents of Muzaffargarh beat up three men after they fired at a man in the area and robbed him near the Karwali bridge on Thursday, the police said.

A mob chopped off the hands and noses of the suspects and kept torturing them until the police reached the scene.

According to the SHO of the Shehr Sultan police station, the injured man had called the police helpline immediately after the incident. When the police reached there, they saw that residents of the area had gathered around the suspects.

They had come to the rescue of the man after hearing gunfire. “Looking at the chaos at the crime site, we called in a police team and the district police officer also reached there,” a police officer said.

The injured man and the suspects have been shifted to a hospital. According to the Muzaffargarh spokesperson, the robbers had tried to snatch the injured man’s motorbike.