Buy Property in Italy for €1

Rome: A small town in southern Italian region is selling houses for just a few bucks. We all dream of owning a dream house, one day. To buy their forever home and turn it into a reality, they save up money and a lot of planning goes into it. We have a piece of good news for you! A small town in Italy wants to turn your dream into reality. Yes, you read that right! The small town is auctioning off abandoned houses for just €1.

Castropignano, a hilltop town in the Molise region, is looking to sell old houses, abandoned houses at bargain prices to repopulate the town. The town is located between Rome and Naples and it is a sight for the sore eyes, it boasts picturesque landscape and rural countryside. The property which is up for auction is cheaper than a double shot of espresso. This town in the southern Italian region has just one bar, one restaurant and is a perfect pick for everyone who wants to lead a peaceful life. Also

The town is hoping of breathing life back in the commune and has just 923 inhabitants and a 14th-century castle. As per Independent, selling of these old houses will achieve few things including recovery and development of Castropignano and hamlet of Roccaspromonte, where some of the buildings have become dangerously dilapidated; revitalisation of the historic town centre; contribution towards the economic growth of the country; and help for socio-cultural integration.

And if you buy a house, you are entitled to change the building to however the new owner likes. You can also run a shop in your homes, said Mayor Nicola Scapillati.

He added that he is not keen on selling the property to the highest bidder. Scapillati said that he would welcome anyone who wants to purchase a new house, they can email him directly with a detailed plan of how they want to restyle and what would they like to do with the property. They can make it a home, B&B, store, or an artisan shop too.