Opposition did not demand army chief to overthrow govt: PML-N

Lahore: Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) leader Ahsan Iqbal said that the institutions are not worried about Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) but due to the performance of the incumbent government.

The opposition has not demanded the army chief to overthrow the government, power of the people will send this government packing.

Talking to media in Lahore, the former federal interior minister said that our long march would be to save the country. On February 1, the PDM leadership will announce the final long march. All the PDM parties are united like a fist.

He said that politicians have always strengthened Pakistan, Pakistan suffered in martial law periods. Every democratic government has strengthened Pakistan, lessons should be learned from history.

Ahsan Iqbal said that now is the time for the Establishment and others to learn from their past, all the doors of Establishment interference in politics should be closed, politicians have learned, now the Establishment should learn.

He said that this government has to leave after a few months, anti-corruption, FIA, police should not betray their oath for the sake of the guest government, Shehbaz Sharif, Hamza Shahbaz has been arrested on the basis of revenge.

The PDM’s Lahore Declaration is the most important resolution after the Pakistan resolution, all parties have promised to work together. The opposition is not fighting for power but to save the people.

Ahsan Iqbal suggested that the government should give relief by increasing the salaries of government employees by 20%.

The PML-N leader said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had not increased the defense budget in the last two years. Why Saudi Arabia, UAE are angry with Pakistan.