China opposes US move to add 59 Chinese entities to export control list

China Economic Net

Beijing: China is firmly opposed to the United States adding 59 Chinese entities to its “entity list” of export controls, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce said Saturday.
China will take necessary measures to protect Chinese companies’ legitimate rights and interests, said the spokesperson.

The United States has once again used its state power to oppress Chinese companies, the spokesperson said, adding that by generalizing national security and repeatedly abusing export controls and other measures to suppress companies, institutions and individuals in other countries, the United States has severely disrupted the international economic and trade order and poses serious threat to the security of global industrial and supply chains.

Such a move is not conducive to China, the United States and the world at large, said the spokesperson.

“We once again urge the United States to stop such unilateral and bullying behaviors, and give Chinese and other foreign companies fair treatment.”