Bilawal Bhutto seeks action on PTI ‘foreign funding’ case

Umerkot: Chairman Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has to give answers regarding questions about funding from India and Israel to PTI, which has formed government in Pakistan.

Addressing a grand rally in Umerkot on the occasion of the first anniversary of the late party leader and former provincial minister Syed Ali Mardan Shah, the PPP Chairman said that the democratic forces of Pakistan protesting outside the ECP office today for the answers to questions being raised since 2014 about the foreign funding to PTI. “To date, the ECP has not been able to explain why the PTI received funding from outside,” he added.

He said that Benazir Bhutto was considered a security risk, but now those who have been brought into the government who have financially funded from foreign countries thus the selected and sponsored PTI government stands disqualified.

He said that farmers and workers have lost their lives in the tsunami of inflation. The one who made the noise of corruption turned out to be corrupt, but his whole party turned out to be corrupt, he added pointing out that the most expensive metro bus project is in Peshawar, where buses suddenly catch fire routinely.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari congratulated the zealous and brave people of Umerkot who had sent a clear message to Islamabad in the by-elections and rejected the selected. He said that the people of Umerkot also adequately responded to the political orphans the way they deserved as they were with Musharraf yesterday and are with Imran Khan today.

Paying homage to the late Syed Ali Mardan Shah, the PPP Chairman said that he had always stood by the PPP and supported the Party leadership and the people of Umerkot. He further said that he was sure that Syed Ameer Ali Shah, newly elected member Sindh Assembly from PS-52, like his late father, would always support the people of Umerkot and share their grief.