NTC restores PR’s collapsed system

Islamabad: NTC, the official IT & Telecom service Provider for the GoP, has restored the entire collapsed system of Pakistan Railways

The electronic system of e-ticketing and financial and human resources of the Pakistan Railways (PR) collapsed on Tuesday, leaving 60 online reservation offices disconnected from the main servers۔

Pakistan Railways (PR) yesterday requested NTC to uplink its system of e-ticketing financial and human resources by providing the necessary infrastructure

National Telecommunication Corporation ( NTC) made functional the temporarily down system by providing its own infrastructure through its National Data Centre in less than 24 hours

The PR administration said they have restored the online seat reservation system by using the host server of the National Telecom Corporation.

Minister IT and Secretary IT appreciated NTC for immediately fixing the issue by providing its own services

NTC team is in continuous coordination with Pak Railways regarding restoration of all services.