Italy: Rome park closed as starlings move in after New Year fireworks massacre

Romne: Rome’s central Villa Celimontana park has been closed due to fallen branches and the arrival en masse of starlings.
The birds have moved in to roost in the park’s trees some of whose branches have broken under the weight of the starlings, as they gather at sunset, according to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

It is believed that the birds moved to Villa Celimontana from the area around Termini station after illegal explosive fireworks on New Year’s Eve resulted in the deaths of hundreds of starlings on Via Cavour.

Startled by the noise of the explosions, the disorientated birds flew into walls and electric wires, their bodies left scattered lifeless on the street in what animal rights groups described as a “massacre.”

In addition to removing broken and dangerous branches, the city will have to clear up the foul-smelling, slippery guano left by the starlings as well as attempt to move the birds away from the park, reports Italian newspaper La Repubblica.