PM’s Initiative to Talk People

NTC provides its platform to facilitate PM’s initiative “ AAP KA WAZIR E AZAM AAP KAY SAATH”

ISLAMABAD – In order to facilitate Hon’ble PM’s initiative “ AAP KA WAZIR E AZAM AAP KAY SAATH” to directly talk to the people, National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC)

NTC provided a state of the art telecom platform through master number 051-9210809.

Over four millions of people attempted to access the number during the tele conference of the Prime Minister through a platform provided by NTC, according to the press release issued by the National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC).

NTC, being the only official ICT service provider of the Government of Pakistan, will continue to provide state of the art ICT/ Telecom services to the Government of Pakistan.

NTC is one of the few Government organizations which has recovered from a loss making entity to a profitable one. It has earned a profit of Rs.578 Million in last FY 2019-20 especially during COVID-19 Pandemic without any allotment of funds.

In the last few years, NTC made remarkable progress in the ICT sector, expansion in exchanges @225 %, expansion of network to new cities @50 % all over Pakistan, Broadband growth @115 %,Establishment of NDC in 5 months and establishment of Disaster Recover Centre (DRC).

It may be mentioned here that the NTC has also managed to complete 100 percent Annual Development Plan (ADP) during financial year 2019-20, which is a record in the public sector.