Italy: Nurses celebrate birthday of elderly covid-19 patient in Rome

Rome: Nurses at Rome’s Spallanzani hospital for infectious diseases celebrated the birthday of an elderly patient being treated for covid-19, in a video that has won widespread praise on social media.

The hospital’s director Francesco Vaia posted the footage on Facebook, commenting that he was “proud” of the nurses and underlining that “serving people is our commandment.”

The man being celebrated was 81-year-old Ferruccio, who received a birthday cake with a candle in addition to being serenaded with “Tanti auguri” by nurses Donatella Gargano and Stefania Costantino, and coordinator Sabrina Fioroni.

The elderly patient smiled behind his oxygen mask as the nurses sang and applauded him.

“We have special nurses” – Vaia told news agency Adnkronos – “They even made the cake for him. Because humanisation is not an empty word but a daily practice.”