PR requests IT ministry to allow NTC to host PR E-services

Islamabad- Recognizing the quick response of NTC to restore its collapsed system, Pakistan Railways(PR) has formally requested the Ministry of Information Technology (IT) to grant permission to NationalTelecommunication Corporation (NTC) to host PR E-Services.

“PakistanRailways intends to extend collaboration by migrating all of itsE-services to the National Data Center being managed by NTC, ” according to the copy of a letter written to the Ministry of IT by Pakistan Railways, available with this newspaper.

The Public Sector Entity – Pakistan Railways has asked the Ministry of IT to allow NTC for hosting of PR E-Services on National Data Centerby signing a MoU with Pakistan Railways (PR). National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) is the official IT & Telecom service Providerorganization for the government of Pakistan.

Pakistan Railways (PR) , in its letter, mentioned that it had requested National Telecommunication Corporation for its online booking applications on 25thJanuary 2021. NTC provided requested Data Center services “on war footing basis to Pakistan Railways”. Pakistan Railways advance reservation and E-ticketing application is currently being run through the NationalData Center.

NTC, theofficial IT & Telecom service Provider for the GoP, has restored the entire collapsed system of Pakistan Railways around two weeks ago. PakistanRailways (PR) had requested NTC to uplink its system of e-ticketing financial and human resources by providing the necessary infrastructure.

NTC, in response, restored the system by providing its own infrastructure through its National Data Centre in less than 24 hours. NTC team is still in continuous coordination with Pak Railways regarding restoration of all services.

The electronic system of e-ticketing and financial and human resources ofthe Pakistan Railways (PR) collapsed leaving 60online reservation offices disconnected from the main servers.