Pakistan, China and Afghanistan art exhibition for youth kicks off in Beijing

Beijing: The opening and award ceremony of Pakistan, China and Afghanistan art exhibition for young people was held here at China Soong Ching Ling Youth Science and Culture Exchange Center.

Hang Yuanxiang, Executive vice chairman of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, Chen Feng, Counselor of Department of Asian Affairs from Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Farooq, Deputy Chief of Mission of Embassy of Pakistan to China, Javid Ahmed Qaem, Ambassador of Afghanistan to China along with students from Pakistan Embassy College and representatives of award-winning students in Beijing, attended the ceremony.

Echoing the Belt and Road Initiative, the event is aimed at promoting international friendship and mutual learning among the youngsters of Pakistan, China and Afghanistan, CEN reported.

Ahmed Farooq, Deputy Chief of Mission said that Pakistan and China’s friendship was built on mutual trust, respect and support. Over the past 70 years, the friendship between the two sides was tested and deepened. Such an iron brotherhood is like an asset, which we hoped can be passed to the younger generation.

He said the three countries have a long history of culture and economic exchanges, and share a bright future. The three sides should strengthen exchanges and cooperation to jointly promote development and regional peace.

A Chinese contestant Ma Xuange said, “I loved drawings which are among the most naturalistic, and I was deeply impressed by how the Pakistani and Afghan contestants are able to exquisitely capture the beauty of their motherland. Through their paintings, I sensed their love for nature and peace, which resonate with traditional Chinese culture. I wish that I could visit Pakistan and Afghanistan someday.”

“My paintings were inspired by football, since I love the sport so much.”14-year-old Chinese contestant Lu Zening said with a grain. His painting adopted Chinese traditional painting methods, depicted a scene of children from Pakistan and China playing football together.

“I am in the same league with a group of Pakistani students in an online game, that’s how the concept of “Iron brotherhood” gets real for me. My Pakistani buddies were all excited to learn that I come from China and we have made a deal of playing football together in real life in the near future,” Lu said.

11-year-old Pakistani contestant Mustafa Afridi printed the smiling faces of children in the 3 countries in their traditional clothes, with 3 flags of the countries connected like the ancient silk road. He wishes that friendship between the 3 countries could flourish and prosper.