China backs Pakistani nation’s war against third wave of Covid-19

Beijing: Under the wise leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Pakistani people’s war against the third wave of the pandemic is fully supported by China as at this difficult time, the Chinese people stand firmly together with them.

These views were expressed by Cheng Xizhong, Visiting Professor at Southwest University of Political Science and Law and former military diplomat in South Asian countries in a statement issued here on Tuesday.

Chinese people are closely linked with the Pakistani people, and Chinese enterprises, universities, hospitals, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions are all willing to continue to lend a helping hand to Pakistan.

He said, the friendship between China and Pakistan has been tested by time. Both sides have a tradition of helping each other in difficult times. In order to show the iron relationship between China and Pakistan, China has decided to provide Pakistan with another batch of vaccine aid and continue to make Pakistan the top priority of vaccine aid and exports.

China will stand firmly with Pakistan until Pakistan completely overcomes the pandemic.

Cheng said, the Chinese people firmly believe that the final victory in the fight against the pandemic will belong to the indomitable Pakistani people.

According to Pakistani media reports, on March 28, Pakistan reported 4,767 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the highest daily toll since July 2020.

The country on March 29 announced 4,525 infections in the last 24 hours, boosting the total number of confirmed cases to 659,116. It’s really a terrible figure.