Senator Rehman Malik resents government decision to import sugar from India

Islamabad; Former Interior Minister and Chairman Institute of Research and Reforms (IRR) Senator A. Rehman Malik has resented the government’s decision to import sugar from India.

He announced that he will not be using sugar in any form for the next two months in protest and urged all Pakistanis particularly politicians to boycott sugar consumption for two months.

In a statement, Senator Rehman Malik said that it is highly worrying and pathetic that being an agricultural country, we have been forced to import sugar from India to energize our enemy with foreign exchange through our hard-earned foreign exchange. He said that we are borrowing dollars and will be giving to India against goods. He questioned why as a nation we cannot totally stop sugar for two months as a favour to our country and heaven is not going to fall if sugar is not consumed being not matter of life and death for us all. He said that in the greater national interest, sugar should be banned and all politicians should give an undertaking to not use sugar for two months.

He said, “I, in the national interest will not be using sugar in any form as a protest against government decision of its import from India”. He appealed to every Pakistani to stop using sugar and its products as a protest against this decision. He added that we should resolve to save our foreign exchange to help our economy as national cause.

He said that the import of sugar from India which is allowed today actually was being imported in our country through Dubai by making its mark labels changed. He said that India has thrown a water bombshell on us and now our agricultural production proceeds will further decrease by this decision.

He said that he had earlier predicted that the government was planning to import sugar and who to benefit out of it.