PPP rejects Nilofer Bakhtiar’s appointment

Islamabad: Pakistan People’s Party central leader and member National Assembly, Dr Nafisa Shah has rejected the appointment of Nilofar Bakhtiar as chairperson of the National Commission on the Status of Women, saying that the appointment of Nilofar Bakhtiar was tantamount to a robbery of law and contempt of parliament.

She said that Fauzia Waqar got 6 votes while Nilofer Bakhtiar got 5 votes in the election of chairperson. “How the decision of elections under parliamentary traditions and rules can be overturned,” she asked.

Dr. Nafisa Shah said that Nilofer Bakhtiar’s appointment was a lie and against the parliamentary tradition. |The government is making a major commission on women controversial which is against the parliamentary tradition and an insult to the women of Pakistan,” she said.

Dr Nafisa Shah said that such a commission is not acceptable at all. The government should immediately withdraw the notification of appointment of Nilofer Bakhtiar, she added.