International community is pitching another plot by not stopping civil war in Afghanistan: Rehman Malik

Islamabad: Former Interior Minister and Chairman Institute of Research and Reforms (IRR) Senator A. Rehman Malik has expressed grave concerns over the deteriorated situation of Afghanistan and has reiterated the international community and United Nations to play their role to stop further bloodshed in Afghanistan.

He said that the International community failed to stop the civil war in Afghanistan and reports arising from the heart of Afghanistan that people are terrified about their lives as gun fires and aerial attacks are increasing every hour.

He said that Taliban have taken major control of Afghanistan and unfortunately, from both sides, innocent Afghans are being killed. He said that reportedly dead bodies filled the streets and families have come on the roadsides and they are marching to the Pakistani borders. The civil war in Afghan will be adding numerous problems for Pakistan also, he said.

The former interior minister said that situation created and failure of the international community to restore peace in Afghanistan has pitched Afghan, Taliban, and President Ashraf Ghani against each other more aggressively. He said that delay in Interim government will increase uncountable conflict and where is the UN peacekeeping force as they should have been deployed in Afghanistan to avert civil war.

He said that it looks the new Afghan war plan is getting in place and the burden is likely to be faced by Pakistan. The joint statement from the West today speaks the future course of the west and the world will witness the merciless street fights in Kabul including the killings through airstrikes, he added.