Xi calls on young officials to strengthen loyalty, competency for important tasks

Beijing: Chinese President Xi Jinping has called on young officials to firm up their ideals, stay loyal to the Party, seek truth from facts, shoulder responsibilities, and strive to become the backbone of a society trusted by the Party and people with important tasks.

Noting that young officials are born and live in a great era, Xi said they are the vital contingent for the cause of the Party and the people.

The CPC has always been a Party harboring lofty ideals and indomitable conviction, Xi said, adding that the ideals and conviction refer to the belief in Marxism, the great ideal of Communism and a shared ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Only with these ideals and conviction can CPC members and officials be able to withstand all tests, go steady and reach far, Xi said.

He said staying loyal to the Party is the best demonstration of the ideals and conviction, stressing that such loyalty has a clear gauge in peaceful times — upholding the Party’s leadership and resolutely safeguarding the authority as well as the centralized and unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee.

Xi encouraged young officials to strive for the honor of being stationed in harsh and remote places. “Success rarely comes without arduousness and rich experience,” he said.

Stressing reality-based solutions, Xi urged young officials to visit the primary level to learn about development and defect while absorbing both praise and criticism, so that they can gain a thorough understanding of the real situation.

Xi called on young officials to include honest words, deeds and personality as an important part of honing their Party spirit.

Xi underlined fulfilling duties and shouldering responsibilities as what gives value to officials. “We must be brave and resolute to do anything that is good for the Party and the people,” he said.

Upholding principles is an important character trait of communists, and a crucial standard to evaluate an official’s competence, Xi said, adding that all Party officials should be fair and just in performing duties and leave no place for personal favor in their work.

Warning of the significantly increased risks and challenges as the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has entered a critical period, Xi told young officials to “cast away illusions and dare to struggle.”

On matters of principle, no concession shall be made, Xi said. He urged young officials to safeguard China’s national sovereignty, security, and development interests with “unprecedented” determination and quality.

“Communists should have character, integrity, and courage so that we’ll never be taken in by fallacies, never tremble in the face of danger, and never be spineless cowards,” he said.

Xi urged young officials to revere the Party, the people, the law and discipline, and always put the Party and the people at the center of their hearts.

Highlighting the current era of unprecedented changes and the Party’s unprecedented great cause, Xi said young officials should cherish time, study assiduously, and read more good books.

Stressing the significance of practice, Xi also called on them to sum up and reflect on experience accumulated in practice.

Wang Huning, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and a member of the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee, attended the opening ceremony.