December 16 a sad day in history: PPP

Islamabad: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader and Sindh provincial minister for information and broadcasting Syed Ghani has said that two major incidents of the country which took place on December 16 could not be investigated one for the break up of Pakistan and other for the tragedy of APS Peshawar.

The PTI and MQM are seeing humiliation in local bodies elections so they are making them controversial. The PTI as a party is corrupt. He said this while addressing a press conference in Islamabad. The PPP chief media coordinator Nazir Dhoki was also with him.

He said that gas is not being provided to the homes of the people. Karachi is the capital of Sindh and Gas is produced from Sindh but there is no gas in Karachi. The industry in Karachi is not getting gas then where is the gas going, he asked. This government is incompetent. The power tariff has been increased as well. Saeed Ghani said that farmers are not getting urea, food items are also being imported, if farmers do not get fertilizer then import of food items will increase further. Mini budget is being brought at the request of IMF. The PTI government says Pakistan is the cheapest country in the world while in fact Pakistan is the third most expensive country in the world.

He said that the opposition in Sindh which is making a fuss over the Local Government Act while the powers of the local bodies have been increased. The mayor will chair the Karachi Sewerage Board. The mayor will also be the chairman of Solid Waste Management. We have made new laws at the behest of the opposition. The health and education institutions were not functioning properly under local government. We will fix these institutions by investing billions of rupees. MQM wants to cause riots in the province on the basis of this amendment. If the Assembly sends a bill to the Governor of Sindh, he can return it by objecting to it, but he has done politics on this bill. We have accepted the things that were justified and made appropriate changes. He said that if the governor does not sign it now, it will become law in 15 days. If the people vote and send someone to the assembly, no one can object.

Saeed Ghani said that the MQM wants riots and as a result people will die and then say that citizens of Karachi are being killed. He said that MQM has left the government four times when it was with us saying that petrol has become expensive. Everyone knows what Justice Wajihuddin has said. PTI as a party is corrupt. PTI’s party tickets were sold, wouldn’t such people be corrupt? The MQM used to cast vote of dead voters but now it will not be able to do so hence objecting this bill. They are sure that they will get nothing but humiliation in the local body elections.

Saeed Ghani said that the IMF agreement should have been presented before the parliament. The people know that what the governor Punjab said about the IMF deal. He said that the MQM leaders are still following Altaf Hussain’s philosophy.