New Chinese buses to push old and ugly buses out of Karachi routes: Sindh Minister

Karachji: Pakistani Sindh provincial government has announced that thousands of buses were being brought from China for Karachi which should push the old and ugly buses out of the routes.

“Thousands of buses are being brought to Karachi from China, we are also buying buses from Turkey. The old buses will be removed from the roads,” Sindh’s Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon, who also oversees the transport and mass transportation departments, said.

He maintained that the Sindh transport department had been directed to disallow the use of old buses in the ‘City of Lights’.

“After the completion of public transit projects in Sindh, the Sindh transport department has decided that obsolete and outdated buses will be banned from operating in Karachi,” he remarked.

In a message issued to the local media, Memon mentioned that the provincial government had informed the city’s representative associations of public transportation service providers of the decision.

“Karachi is looking to words a cleaner and systematic processing of public transport in the city. Thousands of new buses are coming from China and from Turkey. We don’t need old buses now,” the Sindh minister said.

He contended that while the Green Line buses are fully operational in the city, the Sindh government was looking to enhance the public transport fleet with more projects.

Dozens of China-made fuel efficient buses are already serving the Karachi residents on different routes.