Photography book released by Sino-Pak scholars to highlight friendly ties

Beijing: “Beyond the Karakoram: A Collection of Photographic Dialogues between Chinese and Pakistani Scholars” was published to highlight friendly relations between the two countries

The book is co-authored by researcher Jin Qiang from the Intercultural Communication Research Center of Hebei University, China and Assistant Professor Muhammad Arif from the School of Social Sciences & Humanity at the National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan, China Economic Net (CEN) reported on Wednesday.

This book represents the deep cultural connection of the Sino-Pakistan friendly relationship. It is also a testimony to the connection between the people’s hearts and cultures of China and Pakistan since the “Belt and Road” initiative was proposed, authors stated.

The book is a collection of Photographic Dialogues under two main parts from which Part 1 is based on Photographs from Pakistan and the second part consists of Chinese photographs.

The book tells its readers cultural stories chapters wise of natural scenarios, architecture and sculptures, people, food, restaurants, fruits, mosques, street views, shops, arts festivals, and both countries’ unique cultural aspects in a pictorial way as photographic dialogue.

As many as 668 photos have been selected from a total of 10,000 photo collection by both authors.

This book also has some text of dialogue which concentrates on people’s observations and unique insights on various aspects of both countries.

The book is available in both Chinese and English versions with some important content added to the book in Urdu as well.