World Father’s Day goes top trend on Twitter

Islamabad: The social networking website –Twitter on Sunday embraced swathes of posts shared by its users to commemorate the World Father’s Day from across the globe while sharing their unmatched and priceless memories of their father.

The Father’s Day was trending among top trends on twitter where the people from all over the globe were showing their affection, love and respect for their fathers.

The Day celebrates and honours those men who sacrifice and provide their best commitments to raise their children as the social and moral responsibility of their fatherhood.

On this special day people from all walks of the life adopted different way to share their love and memories for fathers on Twitter.

“I am who I am today because of my father. He sacrificed his dreams to make our dreams come true. May Allah give you health and happiness. App ke baghair hum kuch nhi (we are nothing without you –father)”, Pakistani cricketer Shadab Khan twitted, whereas, women cricketer Bismah Maroof said on twitter that fathers were truly a wonderful blessing.

An old man from America posted a five decades old photo with his father and narrated his heartfelt note for his late father saying, “I met thousands of people in my life and no one was like you. You were the best dad and man I ever met. I missed you in every second of my life.”

“I can sacrifice every drop of my blood for my father”, a nine years old girl form Islamabad passionately said in a video clip while sitting in the lap of her father.

Another Twitter user from Bangladesh shared an emotional animation video of a man who was doing mason work to earn bread for his children with a caption that behind every child’s strength there was one man and he was his or her father.

The various Twitter posts garnered much acclaim and retweets from its users to cherish the unconditional love of their fathers and revitalize their love for family and parents.