IHK-Internet India blocks internet in IOK to prevent online resignation spree

ISLAMABAD, Sep 26 :The Indian authorities in occupied Kashmir have blocked internet service in the territory to prevent special police officers and cops from uploading videos wherein they are shown tendering resignations on social networking sites.
With the active participation of all segments of the society in the freedom struggle has forced the men in uniform especially from local police to jump on the bandwagon and quit their job, KMS reported.
The quitting spree is more evident in south Kashmir where more than 40 special police officers and policemen have resigned since Friday.
When New Delhi tried to mislead its public by terming resignation videos of SPOs as “false propaganda” by pro-freedom circles, the administration of occupied Kashmir is on record to admit the resignation spree, but it is trying to play it down by saying that the number is negligible as compared to the total strength of the force. “Jammu and Kashmir has over 30,000 SPOs. If you compare the number of people who have resigned, it’s negligible,” said BVR Subramanium, Chief Secretary.
However, if the trend goes on unchecked, India fears that a heavy chunk of Kashmir police, if not entire, may follow the course.
To prevent cops from uploading such videos on social media, the administration has blocked internet services in occupied Kashmir. The worst-hit are Pulwama, Shopian and Kulgam districts. The policemen are even facing a lot of pressure from their families to quit the job.
At Kachdora village in Shopian, Constable Mukhtar Ahmed said his family has requested him to resign.
In its effort to prevent more resignations and check the trend, the administration is contemplating sops for the SPOs. Their salary is expected to see a jump.
In view of resentment among masses, the cops say the situation cannot get worse than this. They consider resignations as the only option.