Pak rejects US’s stance on religious freedom

Islamabad: Pakistan Wednesday rejected the United States’ pronouncement and said that minorities enjoys freedom as they have reserved seats to take part in the political system.  
In a statement, FO spokesperson Dr Mohammed Faisal said Pakistan did not advice by any country as how to protect the rights of non-Muslims.
He said besides the clear prejudices reflected from these designations, there are queries on the credentials and independence of the self-proclaimed jury involved in this exercise.
The spokesperson said Pakistan is a pluralistic society where inhabitants of diverse values live together.
Around 5 percent of total population comprises citizens of Christian, Hindu, Buddhists and Sikh.
He said to ensure equal treatment of non-Muslims and their enjoyment of human rights indiscriminately is the basic principle of the Constitution of Pakistan.
A vibrant and independent National Commission on Human Rights operates to resolve concerns on the rights of non-Muslims.
The spokesperson said that erstwhile governments have made it mandatory that rights of citizens of non-Muslims faiths are protected as per the law and the Constitution of Pakistan.
The Supreme Court of Pakistan has made several landmark orders to protect places of worships of non-Muslims.
He said Pakistan has devised legal and administrative plan to safeguard the rights of its citizens.