A spark could reduce everything to ashes, warns Bilawal

Garhi Khuda Bakhsh: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Thursday warned Prime Minister Imran Khan that a spark could reduce everything to ashes. Addressing a rally held on the 11th death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto, the PPP leader said the country was bring run by inexperienced people. He asserted that the foundation of federal government had become fragile. “The selected PM does not know that a spark can reduce everything to ashes. Listen with open ears, we will fight the conspiracies,” he said. Bilawal accused Khan for seeking control over the resources of provinces. “We are being pressurized for gaining support on 18th amendment. But we will not turn treacherous with the graves of martyrs,” he said. Bilawal remarked that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s strings were being pulled to bring about a one-unit system in the country.  “Imran Khan is a puppet who wants to establish one-system and one-party rule,” he said. He said there was a hidden agenda to bring Imran Khan. “He wants to eliminate the 18th Amendment and take back grants given to provinces in NFC (National Finance Commission award) . They (the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf) want to abolish the power of the provinces, he remarked. “We are being pressurised because they want me to compromise on the rights of people. I will never do this,” he said. Bilawal said the PPP had have seen “(Pervez) Musharraf’s accountability and revenge investigations. We have seen (Field Martial Ayub (Khan)’s jails and revenge. What’s your significance? You are only a puppet. Someone else is pulling your strings,” the PPP scion said. “The selected PM doesn’t realise how weak the Centre is.” He reminded on the day of the July 25 general election, the result transmission system crashed and the results were announced after three days. “It was the biggest rigging in the country’s history. If someone investigates the case, it will become bigger than the Asghar Khan case,” he remarked. He quipped: “You should have prepared him (PM Imran Khan) at least. Tell him that playing cricket is different than running a country. Chickens and eggs are not going to change the future of the nation. You need to think about everyone.” Taking a dig at Imran Khan’s statement on U-turn he said: “Khan sahab (Mr Khan) says that great leaders take U-turns. Congratulations on being so great.” Bilawal spoke about the growing movement over missing persons issue. A movement of young people is rising in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. “You need to listen to them and not try to silence them. In Balochistan, women are waiting for their loved ones to come back home. If they are criminals, then why are they presented in courts?” Those in charge have no empathy or feelings. So many times, resolutions have been passed in the assemblies against the construction of Kalabagh dam, but now a campaign is being run, he remarked. Ever since PTI came into power, the government has emphasised that the process of accountability will continue, he said adding the opposition members had pointed out that the process is unfair and selective. “Why is the NAB (National Accountability Bureau) only arresting opposition members? Professors are killed in custody and there in no investigation against Aleema Khan,” he remarked. “This is a joke.” On the report of the joint investigation team in fake accounts case, he said that the report is nothing but a lie. “I don’t accept it and the people of the country shouldn’t either. The honourable courts are being duped so that they can be used for political engineering,” he said. He said how is it possible that “they don’t find the killers of martyred Superintendent Police Tahir Dawar, but they find my breakfast bills?” Even our laundryman is being investigated but Jahangir Tarin is not.” He said the government had filed cases against him, “when I was one-year-old. If I were so smart, they should’ve given me Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Star of Excellence award) but they are sending me notices.”