Rangers claim decline in terror incidents in Karachi

Karachi: Paramilitary Rangers have made public its performance for law enforcement in metropolis city which reported decline in terror incidents. The report was released on Monday. A spokesman of Rangers has stated that the Rangers conducted 6666 law enforcement operations in the city and arrested 1976 terrorists and criminals and handed them over to the police for prosecution. The special teams of rangers recovered 58 kidnapped persons in the city. As many as five personnel of Rangers were martyred, while eight others were injured amid operations, the agency’s spokesperson held. The paramilitary agency also captured 786 weapons and ammunition including 6,66,666 bullets and cartridges of various arms, the agency’s spokesperson said. The agency’s personnel arrested 158 terrorists in operations, the spokesperson said. Apart of it 365 target killers were also held and handed over to police. Moreover, 228 extortionists and 66 accused of kidnapping were also arrested by the rangers, spokesman said. The 365 days of the year witnessed decline in the terror incidents in city, the statement held.21 incidents of targeted killings, 69 extortion crimes and 21 incidents of kidnapping were reported, the agency said.